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My diary with my pictures, sketches, illustrations and projects in the lifestyle world: architecture, society, characters design, culture, interior design and many more.


french illustrator Voutch

Voutch, a french humourous drawer

, Humour, Interview

Meeting with the famous french cartoonist Have you heard of Voutch? This french illustrator and author makes me die …

cover book illustrator

A book cover illustration for teens

, Book

Teen’s book cover art: “Anna and her ghost” I’ve just received the book “Anna and…

book cover art illustrator girly teens

Book cover art illustrator: “Queen of likes”

, Book

Cover design for a children’s book for Simon & Schuster I just designed this cover…

illustrator women men love graphic

Lifestyle illustration: Sunny day !

, Holidays, Love

The Good Life: Love on the Road Lifestyle illustration of a sunny and lovely day…

Aquarius? an illustration made for the magazine BIBA

, Horoscope, Magazine

horoscope illustration Today, an illustration made for the Love horoscope of the feminine magazine BIBA.

horoscope illustrations

Astrological signs for BIBA magazine

, Horoscope, Magazine, Woman

Today, an illustration for the Love horoscope of the feminine magazine BIBA.

woman bike Paris street

a woman on a bike in Paris

, Magazine, Paris, Parisian

Drawing for Biba: a woman by bike in Paris I suggest you start the year…

illustration lifestyle parisian

Christmas cover art for the parisian magazine “Cerise”

, Christmas, Magazine, Paris

For christmas, an illustration made for the parisian magazine “Cerise”.

female illustration


, Characters, Communication, Woman

Working women illustration This  illustration was made for Véronique and Delphine, 2 friends and active…

comp art lanscape illustrator

Fashion illustrator: September in Paris

, Paris, Parisian

Parisian women 2 friends are walking in Paris. An illustration of 2 parisian women in…

illustrator man woman

My illustrations’s slideshow

, Motion

My fashion, beauty lifestyle illustrations.

illustration of a french parisian woman on her bike in Paris

Bike ride in Paris

, Paris, Parisian, Woman

French Woman on her bicycle In September, it’s still summertime in the streets of Paris! This beautiful…

romance illustrator graphic humour cartoon lovers

Editorial illustrator: the choice

, Holidays, Humour, Love, Woman

Drawing: Humour and Love A cartoon made for the feminine magazine GAEL (Belgium). 1 woman… 2 lovers!…

art work paris illustrator

“Cerise” and the luxury hotel

, City, Magazine, Paris

A famous palace in Paris for this cover magazine The new issue of the parisian magazine…

illustration website

Illustration for Delsey and Lancôme

, Communication, Drawing

Drawings for brands Delsey and Lancôme An advertising illustration i’ve just made for the collaboration…

customization illustrator

Customization of DELSEY luggages

, Communication, Customization

Live illustrations for the brand Delsey Here are some photos of my customization day in the…

New Designs for ELLE magazine India

, Horoscope, Magazine

Illustration for ELLE: the horoscope This is an stylized woman i’ve just drawn for the horoscope of…

editorial illustrator dance show

Humour: The real balinese dance

, Humour

Cartoon about Tourism in Bali I created this humorous cartoon during my travel in Bali. There,…

illustration de femme pour le magazine ELLE India, société, woman illustration for the magazine ELLE India, artwork

Fashion illustration for ELLE India magazine

, ELLE, Horoscope, Magazine

Drawings for the Horoscope That’s it, we are in Bombay! Whilst waiting for the photos, here…

Horoscope illustration for ELLE India

, Horoscope

Graphic design for the horoscope section My last  illustration for the horoscope of the magazine…