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horoscope illustrations

I love to draw horoscopes! It’s something that has been drawn many times, that’s why I can just let my inspiration do the drawing, leaving intellectual or narrative consideration aside.

I’ve done quite a few, particularly for the magazine ELLE India. So when the artistic director of BIBA (the magazine) called me and asked me if I wanted to draw the “love horoscope” for the beginning of the year, I happily said yes!

How do i draw a horoscope?

I start off by doing a few sketches, without thinking too much and just draw what comes to mind; women, love, seduction often with a man in the background!

Then I’ll go off and do something else and return to my sketches a few days later. I’d have another look at them, some of them will interest me, and others not so much … Some horoscope signs are more detailed than others.

A few days later and having finished all of my sketches, I then send them off to the artistic director at BIBA. Once they have been validated, I start to add color: I choose a limited palette of colors in order to have one single unit and two to three patterns that I can use as I please.

I redraw all of the drawings on “Illustrator” et I spontaneously color them in: plain, with patterns, stripes, dots.. depending on the sign and how inspired I am!

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