Illustration and design

packaging luxe beauté

An article on the privileged relationship between illustration and design. It discusses the creation of posters, but also packaging or space design projects. To discover here!

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Posters: an illustrated campaign for the city of Nantes

Nantes city bike woman

Creating 2 posters for the “Thank you! » campaign of Nantes Metropolis The city of Nantes contacted me a few days after my return from Vietnam to ask me if I wanted to participate in the creation of illustrated posters for a thank you campaign. This campaign, drawn by 4 illustrators from Nantes, is intended…

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Illustrating heroines

Modern heroine

Representing extraordinary women Being able to imagine and draw extraordinary female charactersis one of the superpowers attributed to my humble status as graphic artist. The images of these heroines enrich the portfolio of idols and icons who serve as benchmarks for children, teenagers and all people, men or women, who are searching for role models!…

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An illustrated plan for the “Westfield Forum des Halles” in Paris

Illustrated Map Paris Westfield

A LOCATION MAP FOR TOURISTS AND VISITORS I have just created a site plan for the Forum des Halles neighborhood. This Paris illustrated map, which was commissioned by the Westfield Forum des Halles, must allow visitors, tourists or Parisians who are out and about, help them find their way in this hectic hub in the heart…

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4 new illustrated posters

poster affiche Nantes

A VIP EXHIBITION OF MY POSTERS IN GALERIES LAFAYETTE IN NANTES Four of my new posters have been exposed by Galeries Lafayette in Nantes to decorate their VIP Square (you can find at the bottom of this page all the info if you want to buy some …). The VIP square is the space where some customers…

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a poster of a woman diving in a tropical sea

Posters of beaches and dreamy landscapes … Creating a poster for a tourist destination is not always easy. We are very far from the need for editorial illustrations that tell a story with characters or illustrates a statement in an abstract way. A tourist poster must open the door to a landscape and make you want to…

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Cover book art

illustration cover book

A heroine (and her love stories) in the jungle of Parisian luxury real estate Roxane Dambre takes us back to the adventures of a young heroine of modern times. In this novel, Noëlle confronts with courage, humor and determination a professional life where adventures are played both in her job (she’s a hunter in luxury…

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Modern Love : illustrations for Harper’s bazaar India

magazine Harpers's Bazaar femme

Drawings for the story “Love during the time of social networks” New love practices? Since the dawn of time, men and women have developed strategies and tactics of conquest and love parades. To Feed oneself is a need, Love too! Thus human life is subject to the dramatic or joyous dictatorship of their feelings and…

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An interview about the job of visual artist

a graphic woman face, by french illustrator Solène Debiès

With Solène Debiès, illustrator. Do you ask yourself questions about the job of an illustrator? How and why do we choose this applied art applied, which is a cross between drawing and graphics? What is the daily life of a french illustrator? What are the steps of an order project? Well to answer all these…

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The visuals of the operation “Sales and The City” for the city of Cannes

illustration 3 women walking in Cannes

Creating illustrations for an international campaign At the end of last summer, I received a message from the Palais des Festivals in Cannes. They had discovered my illustrations and wanted to study a collaboration for an advertising campaign. At the time I was still on vacation in Quercy, and the return from the summer holidays…

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The (Very) Practical Guide of the perfect Parisian has just been released!

coverbook of the humorous book about parisians in Paris

To (better) understand the Parisians This practical, humorous and illustrated guide is for you if you are: – a provincial who wants to unravel the mysteries of the daily life of Parisians – Or a Parisian and self-deprecating is one of your qualities You don’t understand some people’s behavior? In the subway, in shops and…

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An illustrator’s job, on a board

2 women in Paris

For going back to school, drawings and texts are on the board! The job of a graphic artist is fast moving, like most of the other jobs, companies, schools and universities : when September comes, the summer holidays are over ! The ukulele is put back in its case, nap time is reduced and optimised, cartoons, books…

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Drawings of holidays: it’s hot!

Woman drawing: on a bike

On display this summer: sun, drawings and nature Whether you’re on vacation or in the office, you’ve noticed: it’s hot! It’s much nicer when you’re on vacation! You can ride your bike and walk through the tropical lagoon covered with a large sombrero! I am currently on vacation in the French department of Lot, in…

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man romance Paris

THE IMAGE OF SUMMER As soon as the sun of spring launches its first rays, the cafes stand out their terraces. Dulled by the past winter, spent stuck between their rooms and offices, clouds of human beings eager for air and hot sun begin to rush outside. They order a drink and turn their pale…

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Roland-Garros, sport and drawing

illustrator woman sport tennis

Illustration: Match point. We’re off again with another great sporting event at the Roland-Garros tournament. This event, which has made spring time a lot more rhythmic these past few decades, inspired me to do this sporty illustration of a charming Tennis Woman on the Parisian tennis courts. I played tennis for about 10 years, and I was…

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Illustrator for the book “Un karma presque parfait”

Illustrator cover book graphic

The Parisian publishing house Calmann Lévy, who was looking for an illustrator for Roxane Dambre’s new novel, contacted me about the cover illustration of “un karma presque parfait”. Roxane Dambre is a 30 year old author who is from the outskirts of Paris, and has already received several awards: the readers’ prize of the bookstore…

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