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poster affiche Nantes


Four of my new posters have been exposed by Galeries Lafayette in Nantes to decorate their VIP Square (you can find at the bottom of this page all the info if you want to buy some ...). The VIP square is the space where some customers can be guided or advised by a stylist to choose their clothes or their fashion accessories.

It's all about recreating intimacy in this department store, so that the customers feel right at home. Moreover, the space is decorated as if you’re in an apartment: there’s a sofa and of course walk-in- wardrobes are part of the decor!

Patricia, who is in charge of this space, chose 4 of my posters.


poster woman motorbike


In love with freedom and wide open spaces, this woman cruises on motorbikes (and flip flops!) Tropical countries, in search of adventure and warmth. She is an adventurer, but an adventuress who remains chic: her little flower dress and her caressingly styled bun give it away.

The colors I’ve used for this illustration are very hot colors, they immerse us in a sunset atmosphere, on an island in Southeast Asia like in Thailand (see the license plate on her bike).

The lines are very graphic, the drawing simple. The woman looks towards the sunset, as if inviting us on a journey: the poster opens a window to a destiny full of promise, waiting to unfold before her ...


spa women

A drawing that represents 2 beautiful women who meet for an afternoon full of chatter in a place that could be a large spa or a steam room. Well-being is essential to beauty and health! These 2 girlfriends have understood it: after long massages and deep skin care, they find themselves at the pool discussing everything and anything. They’re laughing, but some subjects are more serious than others: yes, there’s no joking around when it comes to love.


tourism poster Nantes France

A poster of Nantes, the city of the Dukes of Brittany, wich is adorned with a jewel that Nantes inhabitants are beginning to rediscover with the wonder it deserves: The Loire river. The river crosses the city and offers a multitude of landscapes that can be discovered by bike. What a pleasure it is to pedal on the edge of one of the last wild rivers of Europe in the heart of a city as endearing and alive as Nantes! From the tip of Nantes island, we discover the “Banana hangar” and the rings of Buren, then we cross the "yard", where often walks the elephant of the "machines de l’île”. It is on this part of the island where we can see a pretty woman from Nantes pedaling: behind her is the Loire river, the quay (Quai de la Fosse) and the characteristic silhouette of the church “Notre Dame de Bon Port” (currently under renovation). Those who know the city already have their route in mind: our charming cyclist will continue the track to the courthouse, cross the bridge to reach the “Petite Hollande” square, then will certainly push on to the Bouffay district to go enjoy a fresh glass of Muscadet in a café, at "Le P'tit Zinc" for example, or in a good restaurant. This poster, which can be thought of as a touristic poster, is telling you to do the same thing.


Exhibition at french Galeries Lafayette by french artist illustrator

What sweetness, warmth and love in this drawing! A mother (certainly on the beach) embraces and lovingly protects her little child from the heat and the sun.

The style of the poster is very graphic, the lines and the drawing are very simple, there are only 3 colors and we can feel a very strong sensation of heat (from the yellow and the red) but also of softness (from the very curvy and round shapes).

All these posters are hand-signed, printed on Art paper in small quantities in A3 format by the Goubault printing company in Nantes. They can be bought (either for yourself or as a gift!), within the limited available stock for 50 € postage included: just send me an email with your postal address and the title of the posters that you wish to purchase, I will get back to you very quickly.

Pass on the info!

Text by Marc Falco for Solène Debiès

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