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Street Art and illustrations for the construction palisade of the Primatvera project in Lyon

Colors and graphics for this new illustrated fresco in the Part-Dieu district in Lyon!

I collaborated again with the design agency Impact for the creation of this monumental illustrated work. An emblematic building from the 1980s, the “Primatvera” will indeed be completely redesigned and modernized in order to adapt to new uses and improve its energy performance.

Sogelyme Dixence wanted to use this construction palisade to communicate through an artistic creation on these future 6,600 m2 offices and to beautify the district during the construction site.

Visual design and creation

The Impact Communication & Design agency, which specializes in the design and orchestration of communication devices, therefore once again suggested that I think about this project. The idea was to imagine an artistic intention meeting the functional and aesthetic needs of this architectural object that we had to invent, which they had taken care to detail in a brief, using examples from my illustrator portfolio .

Together we spent time designing and planning the artwork. We have carefully studied the urban environment of La Part-Dieu, taking into account the architecture of the surrounding buildings and the history of the district, which has become the second largest business district in France after La Défense.

This in-depth research enabled us to design a fresco that blends harmoniously into the urban fabric while capturing the attention of viewers. The fresco has a U-shape: it is bordered by 2 main roads (rue Servient and rue de la Part-Dieu) and a street taken by the Tram T1 (rue Garibaldi).

palissade de chantier en impression sur monomère
fresque urbaine artistique

Design and graphic creations adapted to their urban environment

frise murale en illustration
esquisse design fresque urbaine

The choice was made to design this graphic work as a succession of scenes from the lives of the inhabitants of the future Part-Dieu district. La Part-Dieu is above all a place of life, with offices, housing, shops, places of culture and education: we work there, we live there, we eat there, we have fun there !

It is all these little moments that form the richness of everyday life that I wanted to represent in my illustrations, by integrating them into the urban landscapes of Lyon. There we of course find the Rhône, but also the Basilica of Fourvière, Place Bellecour, and even in the background the ski slopes of Mont Blanc which are not so far away!

Finally, I also designed different elements which will contribute to the attractiveness of this real estate project: the cycle paths and the tram at the foot of the building, the café terraces, the fitness area, the shopping nearby (a shopping center 2 steps away) and the Hall Paul Bocuse (food court with local specialties). In short, everything that can enable an active life that is simpler, more local and full of surprises!

The sketching phase and pencil drawings

The sketching phase of the project resulted in a series of sketches and small hand-drawn sketches. They allowed us to validate the concept in its entirety and to project ourselves on the final result, before moving on to the drawing and illustration production phase. Here is an example of a sketch (which is similar to a model):

esquisse d'artiste designer pour une fresque urbaine

The realization of the illustrations and the manufacture of the fresco for the construction site palisade

Creation of illustrations and coloring

After the validation of the fresco in its sketched version, I made all the illustrations in vector on Adobe Illustrator software. This technique makes it possible to adapt to all formats without loss of quality and to control the precision and intensity of the colors.

So I drew each illustrated scene one by one. Then I orchestrated them by linking them with graphic transitions in order to create this very long visual object. This construction palisade, which has become a work of art, will be visible from a multitude of points around the building. Here's what an assembly model looks like (working document of course!):

Manufacture of the fresco and implementation

Achieving a 70 meter long mural is no easy task, but thanks to careful planning and meticulous execution, we were able to successfully meet this challenge! The know-how of the company LightAir allowed us to use bright colors, thanks to its latest generation printing technologies on monomer adhesive.

The implementation on the palisade was the last delicate operation and allowed a good development of the illustrated work.

Creation of illustrations for the communication and promotion media of the real estate project


Now that the site is beautifully highlighted ;-), the developer needs to explain and enhance the building in order to market it.

For this, I have produced a whole series of illustrations that will promote all its qualities, services, location, transport, etc. thanks to a set of communication devices orchestrated by Impact including in particular a presentation brochure.

art urbain / fresque murale / artiste

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