An illustrated logo for a parisian real estate agency

fashion women property paris real estate

One day, I received a phone call from Camille from DDP, who told me something like this: “Once upon a time there were three gorgeous girls who had decided to get involved in real estate in Paris, but they had been confined into doing uninteresting work, and so, without Charlie, they decided to create the “les drôles…

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Motion design for “Les Maisons de Katy et Jacques”

I loved making this motion design project for “Les Maisons de Katy et Jacques”. To illustrate their holiday concept, I wrote a short storyline, created drawings that were animated in motion design. An illustrated movie  for a unique holiday concept   Katy and Jacques offer large and beautiful houses all over Europe (Switzerland, France, Italy, Spain) so…

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Valentine’s day: the movie.

Saint Valentin couple

Illustrated Animation about lovers in Cuba! For Valentine’s day, a small video “al son cubano”!

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Cover Art for the parisian magazine Cerise

Paris and the “Pont des Arts” as the cover illustration For this third Christmas magazine cover of Cerise i spoke with Carole Fernandez, the chief editor, to find what new mythical place in Paris could be used as a backdrop for the magazine cover. For Cerise, I had already illustrated the Pantheon, the gardens of Luxembourg,…

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Interview in TheChatterboxclub

SOLÈNE DEBIÈS, AN EDITORIAL AND COMMERCIAL ILLUSTRATOR She makes a living from her passion for drawing and her determination to not give up. This month, I present to you Solène Debiès, a french illustrator I had the chance to meet in October. Of course I’m going to talk about the work she’s doing, which has pushed her…

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Illustrator Paris: new cover for the magazine Cerise

cover of the parisien magazine Cerise

The new issue of the magazine Cerise, for which have done cover art for 2 years, is out in Paris. Draw Paris and Saint Germain des Prés For the design of this new issue, i’ve drawn 2 young parisian girls, walking in Saint Germain des prés, in front of “l’Odéon”; it’s summer, they arrive from shopping, or maybe they go out for…

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Soon Christmas!

A Christmas in Paris Here is a Christmas illustration made for the beauty brand Passion Beauté.

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Dolce Vita on a scooter in Nantes

lifestyle illustrator french nantes

Love, drawings and the city I spend several months of the year in Nantes and I wanted to create an illustration that depicts the time when we could talk about “Nantes the grey” is gone! Me, when I am in the city, I like to get about the city Vietnamese style, what I mean is on…

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Cover Art for the lifestyle magazine Cerise

Parisian illustrator cover magazine romance

Illustrate Paris and Saint Germain des Prés It has almost been two years since the parisian magazine “Cerise” asked me to create its cover. “Cerise” is a “city magazine” whose roots draw its strength and inspiration from the intellectual and creative effervescence of Saint Germain des Prés: culture, History, it places to be, the coolest places on the left…

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New illos: 3 beautiful women for Tupperware!

brand content illustrator for Tupperware

You’ve heard of Tupperware? you know, the famous boxes and kitchen accessories that marked your youth? Well Tupperware asked me to create a series of women sketches for them. I had the pleasure of adding a little of my “French Touch” into the universe of this iconic American brand. Women illustrations for the brand content Here are a serie of drawings…

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Children’s illustration for the book “So Nice”

Book cover art children's book

This book, for which I illustrated the cover, has just been released by Editions Dominique et compagnie. COVER ART: A GRAPHIC COLORFUL ILLUSTRATION When the editor asked me to make this Book Cover Image, she had a very clear idea of what she wanted: something very graphic, colourful, that told the story. Sohane, the heroin of “So Nice”, an urban…

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Comics: Skin Stories.

brand content illustration comics

These two cartoons have been created for the “Skin Day” which will take place next Saturday. First, they will be presented at an exhibition organized by the French Society of Dermatology in Paris then in several French cities, as well as on the operation’s website. Brand content illustration with a bit of humor The idea…

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The making of “Down dog billionaire” book cover design.

book cover art illustration women's day

I really enjoyed illustrating the cover image for Lucy Edge, an English novelist who got in contact with me last spring. Here is what she wrote me: “‘It’s the way you combine character, style and humour that really appeals to me. I would love to know all of your girls – and that’s a great quality in…

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Comics for Nestlé waters.

french illustrator

Cartoons and brand content I’m making the most of this heat wave to talk to you about a pretty chilled project that i’ve been working on for several years now: comics. And you’ll quickly understand the relationship between the heat wave and this project! Eve, a working mother And as I said, I’ve been working…

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Women’s dream team

Women's dream team

Women illustration I’ve just made this illustration for “Women’s dream team”, a women’s business network. Have a look at their Facebook page.  

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