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cover of the parisien magazine Cerise

The new issue of the magazine Cerise, for which have done cover art for 2 years, is out in Paris.

Draw Paris and Saint Germain des Prés

For the design of this new issue, i've drawn 2 young parisian girls, walking in Saint Germain des prés, in front of "l'Odéon"; it's summer, they arrive from shopping, or maybe they go out for a drink?

It has almost been two years since "Cerise" asked me to create its magazine cover.

"Cerise" is a "city magazine" whose roots draw its strength and inspiration from the intellectual and creative effervescence of Saint Germain des Prés in Paris: culture, History, fashion, lifestyle, beauty, it places to be, the coolest places on the left riverside... The editor Carole Fernandez distils a myriad of tips and news things that the Parisians, but also visitors are invited to discover.

A Poster Artist in "Paname"

For the launch of the magazine, Carole was looking for a French Illustrator to design the covers. She had discovered my drawings on my blog, and after having talked about it numerous times, I quickly put my pencils to work in order to show her my first sketches.

Carole always has a very precise idea of what she wants. The first cover figurates the Parisian newspaper salesman Ali doing his paper round and known as being a friend of famous people. The launch of a magazine is always a big leap into the unknown ! And it was a success ! It has now been more than two years that I have been designing the covers for Cerise, that you can find on my blog.

Here you'll find some illustrations i've made for this magazine:

Lifestyle and figurative design: A luxury hotel

paris illustrator

Picture with 2 women falling in love in the "jardins du Luxembourg" in Paris


A woman in the city, Shopping for Christmas time

illustration christmas in Paris

A new love story in a literary café

cover book illustrator book cover art

illustration de 2 jeunes femmes au jardin du Luxembourg à Paris pour le magazine Cerise        Illustration de noël pour la couverture du magazine parisien Cerise.          illustration pour la magazine parisien Cerise. La vie et l'amour dans un hôtel Palace parisien        Illustration d'une scène de séduction dans le quartier arts de Saint Germain des Prés à Paris. Réalisée pour la couverture du magazine de culture et de gastronomie Cerise.

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