Modern Love : illustrations for Harper’s bazaar India

magazine Harpers's Bazaar femme

Drawings for the story “Love during the time of social networks” New love practices? Since the dawn of time, men and women have developed strategies and tactics of conquest and love parades. To Feed oneself is a need, Love too! Thus human life is subject to the dramatic or joyous dictatorship of their feelings and…

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Friend or foe? An illustration for the Sunday Express magazine

editorial illustrator beauty cosmetics

Frenemies: an editorial picture about women and beauty S Magazine is the fashion, beauty and lifestyle supplement of London’s famous Sunday Express. I was contacted by Sara Whites, the artistic director of the weekly magazine who was looking for an editorial illustrator. She wanted to know if I was available to create a drawing for one…

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Cover Art for the parisian magazine Cerise

Paris and the “Pont des Arts” as the cover illustration For this third Christmas magazine cover of Cerise i spoke with Carole Fernandez, the chief editor, to find what new mythical place in Paris could be used as a backdrop for the magazine cover. For Cerise, I had already illustrated the Pantheon, the gardens of Luxembourg,…

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Illustrator Paris: new cover for the magazine Cerise

cover of the parisien magazine Cerise

The new issue of the magazine Cerise, for which have done cover art for 2 years, is out in Paris. Draw Paris and Saint Germain des Prés For the design of this new issue, i’ve drawn 2 young parisian girls, walking in Saint Germain des prés, in front of “l’Odéon”; it’s summer, they arrive from shopping, or maybe they go out for…

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Beauty illustration for Nail Pro

Illustration beauty woman

Nailed it! I’ve just made this illustration for the american magazine  Nail Pro, professionnal magazine for manucurists, on the subject: “What is your tech personality? Are you on-trend nail artist, competitive tech or seasoned salon pro?

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Cover Art for the lifestyle magazine Cerise

Parisian illustrator cover magazine romance

Illustrate Paris and Saint Germain des Prés It has almost been two years since the parisian magazine “Cerise” asked me to create its cover. “Cerise” is a “city magazine” whose roots draw its strength and inspiration from the intellectual and creative effervescence of Saint Germain des Prés: culture, History, it places to be, the coolest places on the left…

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Illustrations for a beauty US magazine

beauty nails editorial woman illustration

Women sketches for Nail Pro magazine I recently created images for the magazine “Nailpro Magazine”, specialized in nail art. I worked closely with the artistic director of this magazine Patty Quon-Sandberg and my New York agent Michael Thibeault. Prior to imagining the sketch I had the task of selecting three out of twelve anecdotes reported by manicurists. They were all very…

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a woman on a bike in Paris

woman bike Paris street

Drawing for Biba: a woman by bike in Paris I suggest you start the year by bike, following this pretty young lady on a bicycle through the streets of Paris. She rolls in front of the dreamy eyes of a young man who follows her gaze, very soberly camouflaged behind his newspaper. This day seems…

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“Cerise” and the luxury hotel

art work paris illustrator

A famous palace in Paris for this cover magazine The new issue of the parisian magazine “Cerise”, for which i illustrate the cover is out! It represents a famous parisian hôtel, will you recognize which one?

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Horoscope illustration for ELLE India

Editorial graphic design This month’s drawing for the magazine ELLE India: virgo. I met the creative staff of the magazine last winter during my trip in India . Do you like this new drawing ?  

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ELLE India illustration: Flower Power

Editorial illustration for ELLE This drawing with 2 characters, one male and one female, illustrates an article about the power of flowers in the indian society. Flowers, we love them …or not!

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Graphic Design for ELLE

Horoscope illustration: Cancer Here are new women illos created for Horoscope section of ELLE India. This month, happy birthday to all the Cancer star signs, especially to Pascale, Greg, and my small Salomé for her 4th birthday.

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Society: Do you know what crowdsourcing is?

illustration Elle société

Editorial illustrator for ELLE India A new editorial drawing for ELLE about business and economics. It is using the power of a crowd; a large group of people is encouraged to express and share ideas to kickstart or promote any kind of enterprise. This image illustrates this new concept in the magazine ELLE India.  

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