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beauty nails editorial woman illustration

Women sketches for Nail Pro magazine

I recently created images for the magazine “Nailpro Magazine”, specialized in nail art.

I worked closely with the artistic director of this magazine Patty Quon-Sandberg and my New York agent Michael Thibeault.

Prior to imagining the sketch I had the task of selecting three out of twelve anecdotes reported by manicurists.

They were all very very funny and only selecting 3 wasn’t so easy !

The first was nail art done for Katy Perry at the Super Bowl and that she published on Instagram 


beauty nails illustration for Nail pro Magazine

The second picture shows a manicurist who while traveling in Thailand wanted to test the “fish pedicure” but really hated it!

And he third shows a young teacher, very classy, who surely would have loved to replay the famous scene of Sharon Stone in Basic Instinct. Guess why;)

Nail Pro illustration


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