Cover book art

illustration cover book

A heroine (and her love stories) in the jungle of Parisian luxury real estate Roxane Dambre takes us back to the adventures of a young heroine of modern times. In this novel, Noëlle confronts with courage, humor and determination a professional life where adventures are played both in her job (she’s a hunter in luxury…

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Modern Love : illustrations for Harper’s bazaar India

magazine Harpers's Bazaar femme

Drawings for the story “Love during the time of social networks” New love practices? Since the dawn of time, men and women have developed strategies and tactics of conquest and love parades. To Feed oneself is a need, Love too! Thus human life is subject to the dramatic or joyous dictatorship of their feelings and…

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man romance Paris

THE IMAGE OF SUMMER As soon as the sun of spring launches its first rays, the cafes stand out their terraces. Dulled by the past winter, spent stuck between their rooms and offices, clouds of human beings eager for air and hot sun begin to rush outside. They order a drink and turn their pale…

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Illustrator for the book “Un karma presque parfait”

Illustrator cover book graphic

The Parisian publishing house Calmann Lévy, who was looking for an illustrator for Roxane Dambre’s new novel, contacted me about the cover illustration of “un karma presque parfait”. Roxane Dambre is a 30 year old author who is from the outskirts of Paris, and has already received several awards: the readers’ prize of the bookstore…

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Valentine’s day: the movie.

Saint Valentin couple

Illustrated Animation about lovers in Cuba! For Valentine’s day, a small video “al son cubano”!

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Cover Art for the parisian magazine Cerise

Paris and the “Pont des Arts” as the cover illustration For this third Christmas magazine cover of Cerise i spoke with Carole Fernandez, the chief editor, to find what new mythical place in Paris could be used as a backdrop for the magazine cover. For Cerise, I had already illustrated the Pantheon, the gardens of Luxembourg,…

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Comics: Suntan in holidays…

Humorous drawing: A couple after the veach I created this humorous drawing after watching peoples on the beach this summer… An you, when you are on holiday, do you prefer extreme sports of just lounging around?  

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Woman in summer!

Female Character on the beach This seductive woman is relaxing on the beach with a cocktail.

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Editorial Illustration: Romantic ride on a boat

magazine illustrator editorial young adult fun

Drawing: Lovers on a boat For today, an editorial illustration drawn for the magazine GALA. Do they remind you of anyone? They are really famous politics peoples in France… The man was president and his wife a famous singer, and they stayed on the french Riviera for summer holidays…  

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