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My diary with my pictures, sketches, illustrations and projects in the lifestyle world: architecture, society, characters design, culture, interior design and many more.


illustratrice ELLE

Illustration for ELLE magazine India

, Horoscope

Drawings and graphics for horoscope section An illustration for the horoscope of ELLE magazine India.  

woman french graphic illustrator glamour

Editorial illustration: a woman in Paris

, Love, Paris

Woman Drawing In this romantic illustration, a woman is at phone with her lover. She…


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cover art work princess diary meg cabot

Cover Art: “The Princess Diaries”

, Book

Book cover illustration The last volume of “the Princess diaries” by Meg Cabot is out…

New 3D animation for Cristina Cordula’s TV show

, Set

3D illustrated scenery The new season of the TV show “Magnifique by Cristina” begins on…

étape illustration

How do I make an illustration?

, Drawing, Parisian

Creating a drawing: the making of I’m generally  using pencils and vector drawing tools to make…

book cover art for Meg Cabot

Cover Art for “Jade”, by Meg Cabot

, Book

Book Cover for a youth novel Meg Cabot ‘s new book for which i illustrated…

Horoscope illustration for ELLE India

, ELLE, Graphic design, Horoscope, Magazine

Editorial graphic design This month’s drawing for the magazine ELLE India: virgo. I met the…

illustration Elle

The “Hip City guide” | ELLE India

, Asia, ELLE, Magazine

Illustrations for a good plans and lifestyle guide I drew a touristic illustration for every…

Comics: Suntan in holidays…

, Holidays, Humour, Love

Humorous drawing: A couple after the veach I created this humorous drawing after watching peoples on the beach…

Postcard from Ré Island

, Woman

Bike riding on the Ré Island, in France This woman is visiting the Ré Island…

Woman in summer!

, Holidays, Love

Female Character on the beach This seductive woman is relaxing on the beach with a…

ELLE India illustration: Flower Power

, ELLE, Magazine

Editorial illustration for ELLE This drawing with 2 characters, one male and one female, illustrates…

french artist illustrator

Visual artist and french illustrator: an interview in crea magazine

, Interview, Nantes, Paris

An article about me and my illustrator job in crea-magazine (in french) this month, here you’ll find…

Graphic Design for ELLE

, ELLE, Graphic design, Horoscope, Magazine

Horoscope illustration: Cancer Here are new women illos created for Horoscope section of ELLE India. This…

illustrator young adults graphic

Lifestyle illustration: 2 women, 2 cocktails

, Humour

The good life: 2 women are drinking a fresh cocktail on a sunny terrace 2…

beauty illustrator line with colors

An article on my work

, Interview

Tendances graphiques, the blog of french artistic trends, just published a small article on my…

illustration Elle société

Society: Do you know what crowdsourcing is?

, ELLE, Magazine

Editorial illustrator for ELLE India A new editorial drawing for ELLE about business and economics.…

magazine illustrator editorial young adult fun

Editorial Illustration: Romantic ride on a boat

, Holidays, Humour, Love

Drawing: Lovers on a boat For today, an editorial illustration drawn for the magazine GALA.…

women illustrator characters

2 women for a sketch

, Humour

Illustration of 2 friends 2 friends are talking together. These female characters are wearing colorful style, like…