Cover book art

illustration cover book

A heroine (and her love stories) in the jungle of Parisian luxury real estate Roxane Dambre takes us back to the adventures of a young heroine of modern times. In this novel, Noëlle confronts with courage, humor and determination a professional life where adventures are played both in her job (she’s a hunter in luxury…

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The (Very) Practical Guide of the perfect Parisian has just been released!

coverbook of the humorous book about parisians in Paris

To (better) understand the Parisians This practical, humorous and illustrated guide is for you if you are: – a provincial who wants to unravel the mysteries of the daily life of Parisians – Or a Parisian and self-deprecating is one of your qualities You don’t understand some people’s behavior? In the subway, in shops and…

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Illustrator for the book “Un karma presque parfait”

Illustrator cover book graphic

The Parisian publishing house Calmann Lévy, who was looking for an illustrator for Roxane Dambre’s new novel, contacted me about the cover illustration of “un karma presque parfait”. Roxane Dambre is a 30 year old author who is from the outskirts of Paris, and has already received several awards: the readers’ prize of the bookstore…

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Children’s illustration for the book “So Nice”

Book cover art children's book

This book, for which I illustrated the cover, has just been released by Editions Dominique et compagnie. COVER ART: A GRAPHIC COLORFUL ILLUSTRATION When the editor asked me to make this Book Cover Image, she had a very clear idea of what she wanted: something very graphic, colourful, that told the story. Sohane, the heroin of “So Nice”, an urban…

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“Its good for my figure”: illustrations of the book.

illustrator food nutrition health

Health book Illustrations and Designs This practical and fun guide book with plenty of tips and advice is for women who pay attention to their figure and who want to lose some weight, but without forgetting the fun! I’ve enjoyed making this project.   Today’s modern girl and her health It was published by Editions…

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The making of “Down dog billionaire” book cover design.

book cover art illustration women's day

I really enjoyed illustrating the cover image for Lucy Edge, an English novelist who got in contact with me last spring. Here is what she wrote me: “‘It’s the way you combine character, style and humour that really appeals to me. I would love to know all of your girls – and that’s a great quality in…

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A book cover illustration for teens

cover book illustrator

Teen’s book cover art: “Anna and her ghost” I’ve just received the book “Anna and her ghost” for which I illustrated the cover. It was published by Hachette Jeunesse Romans. How do you create this type of illustration? I first made a pencil drawing (see below) featuring Anna, who is a very young girl, she’s…

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Book cover art illustrator: “Queen of likes”

book cover art illustrator girly teens

Cover design for a children’s book for Simon & Schuster I just designed this cover for the children’s book “Queens of Likes” published by Simon & Schuster in the USA. It’s the story of an American teenager, Karma Cooper, who becomes a real star in her school thanks to her frenetic activity on social networks,…

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Illustration: fashion throughout the century

european illustrator

Here are the fashion illustrations I made for the book entitled “L’INNO au Coeur des belges” edited by the large Belgian shop, INNO. Fashion design: an illustrated history I imagined a heroine who would have been through the century, representing each decade, dressed from head to toe in the latest fashion trends from the 1990’s to…

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Cover Art: “The Princess Diaries”

cover art work princess diary meg cabot

Book cover illustration The last volume of “the Princess diaries” by Meg Cabot is out in french. I created the book cover illustration. It has been released by the french publishing house “Hachette Jeunesse”.  

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Teens book cover art

cover book illustrator girly

Book cover for a youth novel Christine Féret-Fleury’s book for which i illustrated the cover, is out from “Hachette Jeunesse”. For teens !!! Book cover illustration of “Un cœur de glace”

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