Cover book art

illustration cover book

A heroine (and her love stories) in the jungle of Parisian luxury real estate Roxane Dambre takes us back to the adventures of a young heroine of modern times. In this novel, Noëlle confronts with courage, humor and determination a professional life where adventures are played both in her job (she’s a hunter in luxury…

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The (Very) Practical Guide of the perfect Parisian has just been released!

coverbook of the humorous book about parisians in Paris

To (better) understand the Parisians This practical, humorous and illustrated guide is for you if you are: – a provincial who wants to unravel the mysteries of the daily life of Parisians – Or a Parisian and self-deprecating is one of your qualities You don’t understand some people’s behavior? In the subway, in shops and…

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Illustrator for the book “Un karma presque parfait”

Illustrator cover book graphic

The Parisian publishing house Calmann Lévy, who was looking for an illustrator for Roxane Dambre’s new novel, contacted me about the cover illustration of “un karma presque parfait”. Roxane Dambre is a 30 year old author who is from the outskirts of Paris, and has already received several awards: the readers’ prize of the bookstore…

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Cover Art for the parisian magazine Cerise

Paris and the “Pont des Arts” as the cover illustration For this third Christmas magazine cover of Cerise i spoke with Carole Fernandez, the chief editor, to find what new mythical place in Paris could be used as a backdrop for the magazine cover. For Cerise, I had already illustrated the Pantheon, the gardens of Luxembourg,…

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Graphic Design for Ictyane

parisian woman sketch

A woman sketch and Paris during winter Ictyane was looking for a graphic artist to create a picture designed for a pencil case. After discussion with the brand, we agreed on the general atmosphere (Paris in winter) and the style of drawing desired (the decor would be drawn in line, a character in colour). Regarding the…

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Cover Art for the lifestyle magazine Cerise

Parisian illustrator cover magazine romance

Illustrate Paris and Saint Germain des Prés It has almost been two years since the parisian magazine “Cerise” asked me to create its cover. “Cerise” is a “city magazine” whose roots draw its strength and inspiration from the intellectual and creative effervescence of Saint Germain des Prés: culture, History, it places to be, the coolest places on the left…

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a woman on a bike in Paris

woman bike Paris street

Drawing for Biba: a woman by bike in Paris I suggest you start the year by bike, following this pretty young lady on a bicycle through the streets of Paris. She rolls in front of the dreamy eyes of a young man who follows her gaze, very soberly camouflaged behind his newspaper. This day seems…

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Bike ride in Paris

illustration of a french parisian woman on her bike in Paris

French Woman on her bicycle In September, it’s still summertime in the streets of Paris! This beautiful parisian woman is riding on her bike.    

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How do I make an illustration?

étape illustration

Creating a drawing: the making of I’m generally  using pencils and vector drawing tools to make my illustrations. I begin by making a sketch with pencil, I scan it and put it as a background, i then draw over it with my graphic tablet, I add colors, and here is the final illustration! The illustration, on…

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Woman on a parisian bridge

femme pont Paris

La vie parisienne… Illustration d’une parisienne allongée sur un pont sur la Seine, créée pour une exposition aux Galeries Lafayette.  

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