Posters: an illustrated campaign for the city of Nantes

Nantes city bike woman

Creating 2 posters for the “Thank you! » campaign of Nantes Metropolis The city of Nantes contacted me a few days after my return from Vietnam to ask me if I wanted to participate in the creation of illustrated posters for a thank you campaign. This campaign, drawn by 4 illustrators from Nantes, is intended…

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An illustrated plan for the “Westfield Forum des Halles” in Paris

Illustrated Map Paris Westfield

A LOCATION MAP FOR TOURISTS AND VISITORS I have just created a site plan for the Forum des Halles neighborhood. This Paris illustrated map, which was commissioned by the Westfield Forum des Halles, must allow visitors, tourists or Parisians who are out and about, help them find their way in this hectic hub in the heart…

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Cover book art

illustration cover book

A heroine (and her love stories) in the jungle of Parisian luxury real estate Roxane Dambre takes us back to the adventures of a young heroine of modern times. In this novel, Noëlle confronts with courage, humor and determination a professional life where adventures are played both in her job (she’s a hunter in luxury…

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The visuals of the operation “Sales and The City” for the city of Cannes

illustration 3 women walking in Cannes

Creating illustrations for an international campaign At the end of last summer, I received a message from the Palais des Festivals in Cannes. They had discovered my illustrations and wanted to study a collaboration for an advertising campaign. At the time I was still on vacation in Quercy, and the return from the summer holidays…

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The (Very) Practical Guide of the perfect Parisian has just been released!

coverbook of the humorous book about parisians in Paris

To (better) understand the Parisians This practical, humorous and illustrated guide is for you if you are: – a provincial who wants to unravel the mysteries of the daily life of Parisians – Or a Parisian and self-deprecating is one of your qualities You don’t understand some people’s behavior? In the subway, in shops and…

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man romance Paris

THE IMAGE OF SUMMER As soon as the sun of spring launches its first rays, the cafes stand out their terraces. Dulled by the past winter, spent stuck between their rooms and offices, clouds of human beings eager for air and hot sun begin to rush outside. They order a drink and turn their pale…

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Friend or foe? An illustration for the Sunday Express magazine

editorial illustrator beauty cosmetics

Frenemies: an editorial picture about women and beauty S Magazine is the fashion, beauty and lifestyle supplement of London’s famous Sunday Express. I was contacted by Sara Whites, the artistic director of the weekly magazine who was looking for an editorial illustrator. She wanted to know if I was available to create a drawing for one…

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Dolce Vita on a scooter in Nantes

lifestyle illustrator french nantes

Love, drawings and the city I spend several months of the year in Nantes and I wanted to create an illustration that depicts the time when we could talk about “Nantes the grey” is gone! Me, when I am in the city, I like to get about the city Vietnamese style, what I mean is on…

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“Cerise” and the luxury hotel

art work paris illustrator

A famous palace in Paris for this cover magazine The new issue of the parisian magazine “Cerise”, for which i illustrate the cover is out! It represents a famous parisian hôtel, will you recognize which one?

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Travel blog: India In Mysore, city of the Maharajas, we ate delicious Masala Dosa with a tchai in the street and you can eat the best thali of the city in the RRR restaurant, we bought bananas at the market, and of course, visited the Maharaja palace!

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Trip in Asia : Bombay !

Mumbai illustrator: a trip to meet Elle India for Solène Debiès Hello everybody! As promised; here are some photos of our first stop in Bombay, the beginning of our 3 month trip in Asia.

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Travel blog: Saigon Last stop in Saigon before coming back to France. Great trip for all of us : Jeanne, Salomé, Marc, and me. We loved sharing these photos with you. Thanks a lot for your messages! Thanks also to our partner DELSEY fot his suitcases. See you soon! Solène, Marc, Salomé et Jeanne.

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3 nights in Bangkok

Travel diary: the family in Bangkok We stayed 4 days in the vibrant capital of Thailand: Bangkok! Here are some pictures we took and a map of our trip.

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Bye bye Bombay!

Travel Sketch: Waiting for the train…Travel sketch in India We are leaving Bombay. This travel sketch will be a souvenir! See you soon…

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The flowers market in Pondichéry We are following our discovery of the market. Colours and people are amazing here!

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a french illustrator in Mumbai!

horoscope illustrator line with color

An Illustrator in India Bombay !  Mumbai! I came here for the first time ten years ago,  after a month of peacefully travelling in Rajasthan with Marc. My first wish was to fly away ! It was polluted, noisy, suffocating !  The streets were stuffed with so many motorbikes, bikes, colors, sounds… We stayed 3 days.…

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