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woman bike Paris street

a woman on a bike in Paris

, Magazine, Paris, Parisian

Drawing for Biba: a woman by bike in Paris I suggest you start the year…

illustration lifestyle parisian

Christmas cover art for the parisian magazine “Cerise”

, Christmas, Magazine, Paris

For christmas, an illustration made for the parisian magazine “Cerise”.

european illustrator

Illustration: fashion throughout the century

, Book, Characters, Woman

Here are the fashion illustrations I made for the book entitled “L’INNO au Coeur des…

vector fashion illustrator

Fashion attitude for rainy day!

, Characters, Woman

Women in rainy days Now… it rains! Do you know how to be stylish when…

Travel in Asia

, Asia

On the asian road again… Very soon, we will go again on a family trip…

fashion illustration

Fashion Illustration: the Poncho

, Characters, Woman

A style chic and practical Do you know the last fashion trends ? The poncho!…

explanatory illustration for a beauty brand

Editorial Illustration for Nail Pro Magazine

, Magazine, Woman

Beauty and explanatory illos Here are 2 editorial illustrations i’ve just made for the US magazine…

In New-York

My illustrator agent in US I loved New-York. I went there to meet Michael, my…

female illustration


, Characters, Communication, Woman

Working women illustration This  illustration was made for Véronique and Delphine, 2 friends and active…

comp art lanscape illustrator

Fashion illustrator: September in Paris

, Paris, Parisian

Parisian women 2 friends are walking in Paris. An illustration of 2 parisian women in…

girly woman

llustration fashion trend

, Woman

Pop style with 2 women The fashion trends of the moment!

illustrator man woman

My illustrations’s slideshow

, Motion

My fashion, beauty lifestyle illustrations.

illustration of a french parisian woman on her bike in Paris

Bike ride in Paris

, Paris, Parisian, Woman

French Woman on her bicycle In September, it’s still summertime in the streets of Paris! This beautiful…

romance illustrator graphic humour cartoon lovers

Editorial illustrator: the choice

, Holidays, Humour, Love, Woman

Drawing: Humour and Love A cartoon made for the feminine magazine GAEL (Belgium). 1 woman… 2 lovers!…

art work paris illustrator

“Cerise” and the luxury hotel

, City, Magazine, Paris

A famous palace in Paris for this cover magazine The new issue of the parisian magazine…

woman with a hat, fruits, and patisserie

An illustration for the magazine Pelerin

, Woman

Editorial Illustration: Health and Diets This is summer! How to drop a few pounds gently?…

fashion illustration of a woman for a TV show

Be stylish this summer

, Characters, Woman

Summer fashion trends For this summer, an illustration of the new trend : fringes !…

illustration website

Illustration for Delsey and Lancôme

, Communication, Drawing

Drawings for brands Delsey and Lancôme An advertising illustration i’ve just made for the collaboration…

a beauty illustration for may illustrator blog

Painting of the day

, Drawing, Woman

Woman face and colors A new sketch of a female face with designs and colours.

How to wear the maxi dress?

, Characters, Woman

Fashion sketch for a special dress For the summer, the maxi dress is very comfortable and…