Fashion TV Show “Magnifique by Cristina”

fashion sketches, female characters

The third season of the fashion show “Magnifique by Cristina”, presented by the stylist Cristina Cordula, for which I am an fashion illustrator, ended last June, so I said to myself that this is an opportunity to look back on some of my sketches I did for the show. Characters and looks designs I have already…

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Comics for Nestlé waters.

french illustrator

Cartoons and brand content I’m making the most of this heat wave to talk to you about a pretty chilled project that i’ve been working on for several years now: comics. And you’ll quickly understand the relationship between the heat wave and this project! Eve, a working mother And as I said, I’ve been working…

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Creation of a fashion illustration

woman fashion illustration

How do i make a “fashion sketch”? I’ve drawn these sketches for  the french stylist Cristina Cordula’s fashion TV show : “Magnifique by Cristina”. Wear a white jacket with sunglasses and straight pants to go to the office, a denim skirt, a Panama hat and sandals for the weekend, or a little black dress, a silver clutch bag and…

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Women’s dream team

Women's dream team

Women illustration I’ve just made this illustration for “Women’s dream team”, a women’s business network. Have a look at their Facebook page.  

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Illustrations for a beauty US magazine

beauty nails editorial woman illustration

Women sketches for Nail Pro magazine I recently created images for the magazine “Nailpro Magazine”, specialized in nail art. I worked closely with the artistic director of this magazine Patty Quon-Sandberg and my New York agent Michael Thibeault. Prior to imagining the sketch I had the task of selecting three out of twelve anecdotes reported by manicurists. They were all very…

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Beauty illustration: make-up

make up illustration

A woman and her lipstick She’s a working woman, she’s glamorous and sassy, and she’s the “passion beauté” woman. Here is the illustration for a poster I drew for the special make-up release, you can see it in “Passion beauté” store windows. As you can see in the sketch, I changed the woman’s bun into…

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Illustration: fashion throughout the century

european illustrator

Here are the fashion illustrations I made for the book entitled “L’INNO au Coeur des belges” edited by the large Belgian shop, INNO. Fashion design: an illustrated history I imagined a heroine who would have been through the century, representing each decade, dressed from head to toe in the latest fashion trends from the 1990’s to…

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Fashion attitude for rainy day!

vector fashion illustrator

Women in rainy days Now… it rains! Do you know how to be stylish when it rains? For these fashion illustrations, i’ve drawn Cristina Cordula’s advice in the TV show “Magnifique by Cristina”, on french tv channel for women teva.

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Fashion Illustration: the Poncho

fashion illustration

A style chic and practical Do you know the last fashion trends ? The poncho! You can wear it to work, to go out with friends or in the evening!> Illustrations made for the TV show “Magnifique by Cristina” every sunday on TEVA, with the stylist Cristina Cordula .  

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female illustration

Working women illustration This  illustration was made for Véronique and Delphine, 2 friends and active women in Savoie (mountains of France), clothes have finally changed after the rough, one is more sportswear, the other is more urban!  

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Bike ride in Paris

illustration of a french parisian woman on her bike in Paris

French Woman on her bicycle In September, it’s still summertime in the streets of Paris! This beautiful parisian woman is riding on her bike.    

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Be stylish this summer

fashion illustration of a woman for a TV show

Summer fashion trends For this summer, an illustration of the new trend : fringes ! wear a suede skirt, a white sleeveless top, a shawl and a hat, you will be trendy! > Illustration created for the TV show “Magnifique by Cristina” by Cristina Cordula every sunday on TEVA.  

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