Travel to Central America: Mexico

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After Cuba and its tropical beaches, we continued our trip to Mexico. First to Mérida, the capital of the state of Yucatan, which we adore and know very well. Poster of Yucatan, Mexico! Then we went to Telchac Puerto, a small fishing village on the Gulf of Mexico with its wild nature, flamingos, grilled fish,…

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News and posters from Cuba

We headed west towards the Caribbean for a first and much anticipated stop in Cuba. I have been wanting to go to Cuba for years, I’m attracted by an idea of music and colours that I could find there. My girlfriends Françoise and Sonia went on a trip about ten years ago and regularly told me…

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Travel in central america: in Panama

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3 months of travelling in Central America: After Mexico and Costa Rica, we continued our trip to Panama, with a first step in Bocas del Toro archipelago (beautiful!), Pedasi of the pacific coast, and finally in Panama City.

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Trip to Central America : in Costa Rica.

voyage de l'illustratrice au Costa Rica

After Mexico, we continued our trip to Costa Rica. We spent a few days in San Jose, where I could draw several life scenes that I intend to turn into illustrations … The city is not the most beautiful, but we met some great people there who were welcoming (including an excellent Japanese chef!). We…

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Hola America ! Travel in Mexico.

Isla Mujeres Coccinelle

Trip report 3 months of traveling in Central America: we started the year here in Yucatan. Colours, sounds, smells… Mexico is very different from Asia, that we know better, but just as exciting: After having been to Chelem, a quiet little fishing village on the north coast, we are now in Merida, the cultural capital (and…

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