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female characters fashion sketches

The new season of the TV show "Beautiful By Cristina", which talks about fashion, beauty, lifestyle on Teva, has begun!


illustration for the fashion TV show "Magnifique by Cristina"

For the fourth season, I'm the fashion illustrator: I draw the looks and I draw the advices given by the french stylist Cristina Cordula who is the stylist. Here are some outfits taken from the first issues: the high waist pants, the tweed suit, the pencil skirt... Cristina gives us her advice on how to wear this season’s trends... and timeless outfits!

According to your body shape, Cristina gives you her advice on what outfits that emphasize your figure, and I illustrate the looks: for example, in the first picture, the girl is small and is wearing high waist pants with heels. In the second round, she wears a shirt and pants but doesn’t tuck her shirt in. In the third, it has a little belly and also wears the shirt hanging out.

Sketches and drawings

How to wear the pencil skirt in a modern way: forget the pastel pink twinset , the stepmother’s pearl necklace and flesh coloured tights! Opt instead for a fitted pencil skirt, the shirt worn loose, and heels!



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