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Beauty illustrator graphic Garnier

Masks, creams, shampoos... How to use beauty products? I drew "how-to use" images for Garnier’s different brands of cosmetics and beauty products (L'Oréal). They’re small drawings or diagrams that explain how to use the products step by step, a leaflet or a user manual of drawings for beauty products.

Beauty Illustrator: 5 beautiful women for 5 brands

After numerous discussions with the advertising agency (Publicis Conseil, Paris) who was looking for a beauty illustrator, I tried a few things out. First, in the form of sketches and pencilled sketches, then I did some colouring to try and get them to fit into the brands universe and product lines which are:

. Skin Care products with Skin Care SkinActive,

. Care and Sun Protection, Suncare, with Solar Amber

. Body care & Hair care with Ultra Soft

. Hair Care with the brand.

. Hair colour with hair care and hair colouring.

Natural women, simple and stylish illustrations

I chose a style of drawing that is simple and uncluttered which allows me, with a minimum of features and colours, to express both the different worlds of brands but also to detail the tutorials on how to use the products. Here is my first graphic research:


The designs are intended for different media and environments: As we do not have control of the environment of the colours in which they will be seen (web, print, in the world...), we decided, for once, to opt for a black line drawing, always in vector illustration, and not my red line that I usually use. This style enhances the perception of the picture and the “how to use” by the users. However, the general spirit of the drawing, its style and its framing have been validated by the brand and the advertising agency. I was therefore able to start drawing the first plates and received the briefs and the daily routines for about... 120 illustrations!

Shampoo, masks, creams and lotions: there are no more secrets!

I spent part of the month of November in my Nantes workshop drawing these routines. I enjoyed it a lot. Here are some images extracted from the illustration plates:

- The Fructis universe: A sparkling and natural young woman who is trying to tame her extravagant hair!



The Ultra Soft haircare universe: a soft and natural young woman who takes care of her long and soft hair!


The ultra-soft bodycare universe:beauty illustration, body care

The Hair colour universe: a universe and products that are a little more sophisticated, with a very natural woman giving us some instructions.


The Skincare universe : There is always a lot of sweetness around this young woman with her green eyes who is showing us how to take care of our face.

Beauty illustration for Garnier



Suncare: This is a sunnier and more outdoorsy universe but just as soft as the others, with a woman wearing her red visor, enjoying the sun while showing us how to protect oneself from its dangers.


You will be able to find these explanatory drawings on the websites of different cosmetic brands and beauty products that are a part of the group: Garnier Cosmetics. They are to be put online in the course of 2018.

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