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femme cadeaux noël

Beauty picture for Christmas ad

This latest commercial illustration of the year for Passion beauté had to be chic and glamorous. Score DDB, the agency following this client, asked me to draw a blond woman, perplexed, and in front of a pile of stacked gifts.

I designed this young woman, wearing a sparkling short dress. I liked her mischievous side, I even integrated multicolour Indian decorations, but... she was too young!

femme Noël


For this project, we decided to go with a woman who was more of a "woman", blonde, hair let loose, wearing a little black dress, and sitting at the top of a pyramid made of gifts. After exchanges regarding the colour of the gifts, the hairstyle... here's the final poster, that you can currently see showcased in Passion Beauté stores.

How do you like it?


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