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Many clients contact me for my fashion projects. Although, I do also enjoy graphic design projects based on lifestyle and the Art of living. These may include publishing or press projects in the fields of architecture, decoration, gastronomy, music, design, fashion and of course travel.

The Art of Living is cultivating hedonism and poetry in all the little things of everyday life !

I love cooking just as much as painting or drawing. I also love pictures of other artists and drawers, well known in France such as Voutch or less known in Europe such as Mario de Miranda. I also enjoy the food of grand chefs, in Bombay or in Paris, and if at all possible I like to enjoy it with a nice glass of wine. As a lifestyle illustrator, I noticed it was not obvious how to evoke a good dish and the flavours through drawings. How do you show the subtle pleasure that we feel, see, smell and taste when we see a plate of food? Well, the easiest way is to illustrate the characters eyes and expressions that show nothing but pure pleasure !

Illustration for the magazine GAEL Belgium


I have observed that in the art of living, everything is a matter of context; for example, eating delicious oysters at a service station is irrelevant.

It is the setting, the atmosphere, the ambiance, like the brightness and colour of the ocean, a small table with a checker pattern, the elegant shape of the wine glass, the smell of Bossa perfume and love in the air, smiles, varnished wood in which reflects the candle light …. All these things make the moment a magical moment.








riviera-illustration-lifestyle-editorialCREATING A MAGICAL WORLD

The illustrator is therefore the designer of these imaginary universes favourable to the pleasures of life: it is a very serious mission to take with humor and casualness!


Clients magazines, brands, publishers :

Parenting Magazine (USA), Simon & Schuster (USA), ELLE, Dominique et Compagnie (Canada), GALA, Marie-Claire group, BIBA, the Bayard Press,  Nail Pro (USA), Jeune et Jolie, Marie-France, Mondadori Group, “Pélerin magazine”, Avantages,  Le Figaro, Tupperware, Delsey, Nestlé, Phyto, Lancome, Salon Maison & Objet, PayPal, INNO, Essilor, Oxibis, Quo Vadis, Sigma, Teva, Champion, Nice veolia, Yves Rocher, Hachette, Plon, First Editions, Pocket, Eyrolles, India book house.


Blog Lifestyle / Travel / City / Nantes 11/28/2016

I wanted to create a poster that depicts Nantes without the grey weather ! When I am in Nantes, I like to get about the city Vietnamese style, what I mean is on the back of my man’s scooter, wearing a little dress. I like to smell the sea breeze that invades the banks of the Loire when the tide rises, take the ferry and grab a glass of Muscadet at the Civelle in Trentemoult, sometimes push on to Pornic when the weather is nice and go catch some rays on an Atlantic beach, and finally return in the evening to eat grilled chicken in the restaurant “les 2 morues”,, a secret menu at “Chants d’Avril” or in a small inn in Bouffay.

lifestyle illustrator french nantesHow do you illustrate Nantes?

To symbolize the city of Nantes, I could have designed the tower of Brittany, which proudly dominates the city by its height, a bit like when we sketch the shape of the Eiffel Tower in the background to symbolize Paris. But this tower, which vaguely resembles the little sister of the Montparnasse Tower, is not the most beautiful tower in the world to draw … The figurative charm of the city is not in its Brittany tower. So I sketched in behind our Nantes inhabitants on their scooters, the Lieu Unique tower, which became a symbol of the local cultural life. I also drew a famous Titan crane (a huge yellow crane), reminiscent of the glorious past of the shipyards of the Island of Nantes. Finally I featured the dome of the Church of Notre-Dame-de-Bon-Port which enriches the Skyline of the city (yes!) from the Anne de Bretagne Bridge which crosses the Loire. I would have liked to have illustrated the Castle of the Dukes of Brittany, which is the last castle of the Loire before the Ocean (and which is really worth a visit for its exhibitions), but I didn’t have anymore space (But come and visit it for a week-end, in spring, in summer with the Voyage à Nantes, or in the beginning of autumn it’s great!)

Nantes : a setting for the Loire

Finally, it must be emphasized that all these monuments that come to caress our eyes are the real jewel of the city. The city of Nantes and the last wild river of Europe, the Loire river, are adored by its inhabitants.