illustration of a woman using make-up, a gloss

Beauty is anything that causes pleasure when it is perceived, with our eyes, our ears, our fingers or our palate. Beauty is in a landscape, an object, text, music, a painting, a smile, wine, a perfume … Putting beauty into a drawing or an illustration consists in delivering with pencils or a graphic palette this subtle little vibration that creates beauty and emotion in the image.


beauty illustration for Passion beauté


As an illustrator I am often asked to evoke the beauty of women or men, especially for articles of women’s magazines.

I then create attractive and slender languid creatures. Their makeup is perfect and their nails are done. They gracefully wear delicate jewelry.

Everything is possible : The model or models can be large or small, plump, thin, tattooed, bearded, blond, brown, cool, evil, seductive or heroines (The opposite advertising poster for Passion Beauté). Sometimes my drawing will go into the details of subtle and colourful makeup, from nails to elegant graphics (eg Nail Art illustrations made for Katy Perry, created for Nail Pro magazine), or designer jewellery.

For our taste buds and tableware, here again the traits and the colours of the illustrator can, for books cookery or gastronomy, evoke the perfumes of a dish and its flavors. You can see on the following link a few examples of illustrations and drawings from the book “The Food Strikes of Farida, Confidences of a Foodista in Paris” of the journalist, columnist and animator Farida.

a beauty make-up illustration: a woman faceWOMAN ART

Then I draw their decor, either a fabulous setting or a more realistic one based on the brief: It can be in a bathtub in the middle of the ice floe, in a helicopter in the Amazon forest, or in Paris under a snowy Eiffel Tower, but tanned in the middle of January !



For those who know how to look, they will see that beauty is everywhere ! I try to get inspired and find beautiful things wherever I go throughout my day to day life. My travels allow me to appreciate and discover beautiful natural landscapes but also men and women who are beautiful in different ways to those shown in magazines. They inspire me. Then you always have Parian streets, the wild beauty of the Loire river or the Atlantic beaches on a nice Autumns day !

Health, well-being and beauty illustrator :

Nail Pro Magazine, Lancôme, Caron, Phyto, Yves Rocher, Passion Beauté, Parisian boudoir, Givenchy, Marie-France Publisher, ELLE magazine, Laboratoires Ducray …


Illustrator blog / Beauty / Brand Content / 11/28 /2016

a walking woman in Paris streetsAn illustrator to draw a woman and Paris during winter

Ictyane was looking for a freelance illustrator to create an illustration designed for a pencil case. After discussion with the brand, we agreed on the general atmosphere (Paris in winter) and the style of drawing desired (a decor in line, a character in colour). Regarding the main character, we chose a Parisian woman (we can see the Eiffel Tower in the background), dressed in a chic but comfortable outfit, for a harsh but pleasant winter (thanks to Ictyane creams!). In the background we find the Eiffel Tower with a black line that symbolizes Paris with a single glance, then beautiful Parisian buildings with red lines, in which stand out the black silhouettes of passers-by (some are on bike). In the foreground, our pretty Parisian walks lightly and casually, wearing a big black felt hat, and covered up with a warm woollen coat, a short skirt and opaque tights. A pretty coloured and flowery scarf gives a touch of colour and pep to her rather sober and elegant attire. Finally, by looking better at the image, we see a bundle of documents or books under her arm: she is either a “working woman” or a lover of literature, but our female character is also a strong headed woman!

The illustration is reproduced on a pencil case that is offered to customers after the purchase of a cream. The choice of drawing style and colours has also been reflected in relation to the printing and rendering constraints on this type of support. I think the result is rather chic (the quality of the pencil case also plays a big part), in any case it pleases the customers! What do you think?

You can get it in all the pharmacies that sell Ictyane creams.


Illustrator blog Beauty / Women’s day / 04/08/2016

illustration for the women's dayWomen’s day illustration

For International Women’s Day, I drew this illustration: do you know which countries in the world these women are from ? It is obviously very approximate because fortunately for every country in the world there is not one style that corresponds to a woman or a man! I found various sketches or pencilled drawings made during a trip, and I have gathered them in this drawing. I’ll give you some clues: they all come from countries where I travelled during the past few years, and that you can find them in the travel section of my illustration blog.

5 beautiful women in one illustration

Alright I’ll give you the answer: The first woman is from Costa Rica, the south Caribbean area, the second woman is from the East of Panama and the one in the middle, yes you guessed right, is Indian! The next one is Mexican, and finally the woman on the far right in the picture is Vietnamese 😉 But you can try the other combinations: that also works! They could all have been French, Parisian or from Nantes, try and picture it: it still works perfectly. As they say a coat is for style, but does not make a woman!