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Travelling illustrator

globetrotter illustratorThanks to the stories of my grandfather, who was a long distance submariner, and the fact I met my husband Marc, a sound designer who has always loved traveling have made me become a traveller and an illustrator without realizing it. It has made our family life mobile.



traveller illustrator

India lover

Around fifteen years ago, we stayed three months in India and there was a real case of love at first sight for this country.

Ever since then we return almost every year: I used to go to Bombay in particular because I have been working with the fashion and lifestyle magazine Elle India for more than 7 years.

Asia and America in family

travel in India by illustrator Solene DebiesThen we explored all the South Asian countries. Our first daughter was born in 2007, our 2nd in 2009: they were raised and fed coconut prawn curry from a very early age.

Travel pictures and sketches

In 2011, I did some baggage customizations in Galeries Lafayette in Paris for the brand DELSEY. The team is great, the brand and products are fabulous … Very quickly the idea of a partnership following our family travels became obvious … And then DELSEY has become a partner of our family adventures.