artist illustrator


There are order projects (press, magazine, publishing, advertising, …) and there is the pleasure of creation …

I try to devote part of my time to research, to new ideas how to illustrate, with characters, scenes, moods or patterns.



a woman face illustration with make-up and jewelry



I often have new ideas arise in poorly adapted moments : in the middle of the night, in a subway, or when I’m at the dentist, for example.

So I try to keep them in the back of my mind.





girly arty


When I have 2 minutes, I scribble them in my notebook. And when I have an hour I draw them … Eureka ! Sometimes it works! Sometimes it does not … Well that’s okay, the picture is like … uh … well anyway what counts is to take part.





I suggest you discover here some of my illustrator’s research. I tried to select for you exclusive things rather than those -I hope-will work !