motion design illustration

I loved making this film out of animated illustrations for “Les Maisons de Katy et Jacques”. To illustrate their holiday concept, I wrote a short storyline, created illustrations that were animated in motion design.

motion design illustration

An illustrator and a motion designer for a unique holiday concept

Katy and Jacques offer large and beautiful houses all over Europe (Switzerland, France, Italy, Spain) so people can spend their holidays with their family or friends, with all-inclusive packages: quality accommodation, meals prepared by a chef, touristic, cultural and sports activities, on hand nannies and “enchanters” for children.

Scenario, storyboard, illustrations and animationmotion design illustration

They were looking for an agency or an illustrator and a motion designer to create and make a one-minute film that allows potential customers to understand their concept in 12 animated scenes. They liked the style of my illustrations and wanted me to do the drawings and the film. Motion design, which focuses on graphic animation and moving drawings, requires some knowledge and skills that I do not have! So I asked Océane, a motion designer herself, to make the animations from my illustrations.motion design illustration

The first step was to validate with Katy and Jacques the 9 big scenes and start writing a screenplay and a storyboard. I drew the sketches to define the universe and the scenario. Here are a few of the sketches:

1st illustration: a unique holiday concept!

A dinner with friends where word of mouth can get you some good deals …

2nd illustration : the map of “Les Maisons de Katy et Jacques” in Europe

3rd: the reception: The arrival of the holidaymakers welcomed by the couple of hosts

motion design illustration4th: cooking and gastronomy: the chef with his fresh produce: seasonal fruit and vegetables and great vintage hams!

5th: the children and the enchanters: the little ones having fun with games and multiple activities

6th The surrounding cultural activities.

7th and 8th: sports activities


9th: “Here, you feel at home”


Motion design illustrations, voiceover and sound design

After validating the 9 drawings, I used illustrator to do the colouring of my illustrations. For this motion design project, the illustrator software is perfectly adapted because it allows you to draw vector images that will be easily animated by the motion designer. Here are some illustrations finalized and put in colour.

After validating the illustrations, Océane put the characters into motion, according to the scenario that we had elaborated. In parallel, an actress recorded the voiceover of the film, we chose a musical sample with the client, and a sound designer integrated sound effects onto the soundtrack and put everything together. After some fine adjustments in the movements, we were able to deliver our film in time and in a record time of 3 weeks!


Here it is !